VMware – VMworld 2017 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Disclaimer: I recently attended VMworld 2017 – US.  My flights were paid for by ActualTech Media, VMware provided me with a free pass to the conference and various bits of swag, and Tech Field Day picked up my hotel costs. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

A quick post to provide some closing thoughts on VMworld 2017 and link to the posts I did during the event. Not in that order. I’ll add to this as I come across interesting posts from other people too.



Here’s my stuff.



VMware – VMworld 2017 – See you in Vegas


Session Notes

VMware – VMworld 2017 – Monday General Session Notes

VMware – VMworld 2017 – MGT3342BUS – Architecting Data Protection with Rubrik

VMware – VMworld 2017 – STO1179BU – Understanding the Availability Features of vSAN

VMware – VMworld 2017 – LHC3371BUC – VMware Cloud on AWS – The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud

VMware – VMworld 2017 – STO2063BU – Architecting Site Recovery Manager to Meet Your Recovery Goals

VMware – VMworld 2017 – SER1166BU – Housekeeping Strategies for Platform Services Controller-Expert Talk

VMware – VMworld 2017 – PBO3334BUS – State of the Union: Everything multi-cloud, converged, hyper-converged and more!

VMware – VMworld 2017 – STO3331BUS – Cohesity Hyperconverged Secondary Storage: Simple Data Protection for VMware and vSAN

VMware – VMworld 2017 – STO3194BU – Protecting Virtual Machines in VMware Cloud on AWS


Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2017

Tech Field Day – I’ll Be At TFD Extra at VMworld US 2017

The Thing About NetApp HCI Is …

Druva Is Useful, And Modern

Kingston’s NVMe Line-up Is The Life Of The Party


Other Posts From Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2017

NetApp SolidFire HCI – Scale what you want, when you want

Highlights from My First VMworld

Tech Field Day Extra – Kingston Technologies

Netapp‘s SolidFire HCI Overview

NVMe to enable truly composable infrastructure?

Join me at VMworld with Tech Field Day Extra!



VMware – VMworld 2017 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure



And here’s my inaugural appearance on theCUBE.


VMware Press Releases

VMware made a number of announcements, and you can find them here:

VMware Delivers Industry-First Unified End User Experience, Management and Security Solution for All Endpoint Platforms

VMware and Pivotal Launch Pivotal Container Service (PKS) and Collaborate with Google Cloud to Bring Kubernetes to Enterprise Customers

VMware and AWS Announce Initial Availability of VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Advances Software to Help Customers Modernize Data Centers

VMware and Dell EMC Partner to Deliver First Data Protection Solution for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Helps Enterprises Succeed in the Multi-Cloud Era


Other Useful Sources

Here are a few event-related articles I found interesting. You should also get along to the newly launched Blog Beat for some great coverage by a range of bloggers.


You should also check out everything written by Chad, as well as these posts:

VMware Gets Its Mojo Back At VMworld 2017

VMworld2017’s forecast, cloudy with a high chance of containers

VMworld 2017 Thursday Keynote



This was my third VMworld US event, and I had a lot of fun. I’d like to thank all the people who helped me out with getting there, the people who stopped and chatted to me at the event, and VMware for putting on a great show. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) getting along to it next year (August 26 – 30).

Storage Field Day 12 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Disclaimer: I recently attended Storage Field Day 12.  My flights, accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Tech Field Day. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

This is a quick post to say thanks once again to Stephen, Richard and Kat and the presenters at Storage Field Day 12. I had a super fun and educational time. For easy reference, here’s a list of the posts I did covering the event (they may not match the order of the presentations).

Storage Field Day – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 12

Storage Field Day 12 – Day 0

Storage Field Day 12 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Excelero are doing what? For how much?

Ryussi – Or Why Another SMB Stack Is Handy

Nimble Storage Gets Cloudy

NetApp Aren’t Just a Pretty FAS

Intel Are Putting Technology To Good Use

There’s A Whole Lot More To StarWind Than Free Stuff

Elastifile Are Doing It For All The Right Reasons

Datera – Hybrid Is The New Black

SNIA Know What Time It Is


Also, here’s a number of links to posts by my fellow delegates (in no particular order). They’re all very smart people, and you should check out their stuff, particularly if you haven’t before. I’ll attempt to keep this updated as more posts are published. But if it gets stale, the Storage Field Day 12 landing page has updated links.


Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi)

4.5M IO/sec@227µsec 4KB Read on 100GBE with 24 NVMe cards #SFD12

There’s a new cluster filesystem on the block, Elastifile


Jon Klaus (@JonKlaus)

Storage Field Day 12: storage drop bears reunited!

Intel SPDK and NVMe-oF will accelerate NVMe adoption rates

SNIA: Avoiding tail latency by failing IO operations on purpose

Moving to and between clouds made simple with Elastifile Cloud File System

Excelero NVMesh: lightning fast software-defined storage using commodity servers & NVMe drives


Arjan Timmerman (@ArjanTim)

The Datera Company overview


Adam Bergh (@AJBergh)

Storage Field Day 12!

Storage Field Day 12 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

Storage Field Day 12  Day 2 Recap

Storage Field Day 12  Day 3 Recap


Chan Ekanayake (@S_Chan_Ek)

Storage Field Day (#SFD12) – A quick intro!

Storage Field Day 12 (#SFD12) – Vendor line up

Excelero – The Latest Software Defined Storage Startup

Intel Storage Futures From #SFD12

Impact from Public Cloud on the storage industry – An insight from SNIA at #SFD12


Chin-Fah Heoh (@StorageGaga)

Ryussi MoSMB – High performance SMB

The engineering of Elastifile

Can NetApp do a bit better?


Dave Henry (@DaveMHenry)

Confirmed: I’ll be a Delegate at Storage Field Day 12


Glenn Dekhayser (@GDekhayser)

Intel Storage – Storage Field Day 12


Howard Marks (@DeepStorageNet)

Visiting Intel with SFD 12


Matthew Leib (@MBLeib)

Open19 Brings a new build paradigm to HyperScale Buildouts

Excelero achieves amazing stats at #SFD12

Netapp – an #SFD12 Update

Nimble’s InfoSight – An #SFD12 Follow-up


Finally, thanks again to Stephen and the team at Gestalt IT. It was an educational and enjoyable few days and I really valued the opportunity I was given to attend.

[image courtesy of Tech Field Day]

VMware – Deploying vSphere Replication 5.8

As part of a recent vSphere 5.5 deployment, I installed a small vSphere Replication 5.8 proof-of-concept for the customer to trial site-to-site replication and get their minds around how they can do some simple DR activities. The appliance is fairly simple to deploy, so I thought I’d just provide a few links to articles that I found useful. Firstly, esxi-guy has a very useful soup-to-nuts post on the steps required to deploy a replication environment, and the steps to recover a VM. You can check it out here. Secondly, here’s a link to the official vSphere Replication documentation in PDF and eBook formats – just the sort of thing you’ll want to read while on the treadmill or sitting on the bus on the way home from the salt mines. Finally, if you’re working in an environment that has a number of firewalls in play, this list of ports you need to open is pretty handy.

One problem we did have was that we’d forgotten what the password was on the appliance we’d deployed at each site. I’m not the greatest cracker in any case, and so we agreed that re-deploying the appliance would be the simplest course of action. So I deleted the VM at each site and went through the “Deploy from OVF” thing again. The only thing of note that happened was that it warned me I had previously deployed a vSphere Replication instance with that name and IP address previously, and that I should get rid of the stale version. I did that at each site and then joined them together again and was good to go. I’m now trying to convince the customer that SRM might be of some use to them too. But baby steps, right?

Note also that, if you want to deploy additional vSphere Replication VMs to assist with load-balancing in your environment, you need to use the vSphere_Replication_AddOn_OVF10.ovf file for the additional appliances.

Storage – Erasure Coding and RAID – A Few Good Links

Erasure coding has been around for a little while now, and if you’ve ever sat through a presentation from a cloud storage provider talking about resiliency of data at scale, you may have heard it mentioned. It occurred to me that I’ve just assumed that people know what it is, and that’s not fair. I was going to do a post explaining what it is, but figured a quick post with some links to some articles I found of use would be more useful. Because what’s the point of the internet if I can’t be lazy and link to things on it?

Here’re some useful research papers to start with:

The “press” also has some useful articles on the topic. I recommend you have a look at these two:

Some of my preferred analysts have written a bit on the topic:

Josh has also done a great deep-dive on the Nutanix version of erasure coding (EC-X) that you can see here.

My favourite post, though, is this one: Dummies Guide to Erasure Coding.