Storage Field Day 15 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Disclaimer: I recently attended Storage Field Day 15.  My flights, accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Tech Field Day. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

This is a quick post to say thanks once again to Stephen and Ben, and the presenters at Storage Field Day 15. I had a super fun and educational time. For easy reference, here’s a list of the posts I did covering the events (they may not match the order of the presentations).

Storage Field Day – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 15

Storage Field Day 15 – Day 0

Storage Field Day 15 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Has A Nice Focus On Modern Data Protection

Dropbox – It’s Scale Jim, But Not As We Know It

StarWind VTL? What? Yes, And It’s Great!

WekaIO – Not The Matrix You’re Thinking Of

Cohesity Understands The Value Of What Lies Beneath

Western Digital – The A Is For Active, The S Is For Scale

Come And Splash Around In NetApp’s Data Lake

Huawei – Probably Not What You Expected

Datrium Cloud DVX – Not Your Father’s Cloud Data Protection Solution

Hedvig’s Evolution


Also, here’s a number of links to posts by my fellow delegates (in no particular order). They’re all very smart people, and you should check out their stuff, particularly if you haven’t before. I’ll attempt to keep this updated as more posts are published. But if it gets stale, the Storage Field Day 15 landing page will have updated links.


Josh De Jong (@EuroBrew)

The Challenge Of Scale

Convergence Without Compromise


Glenn Dekhayser (@GDekhayser)

#SFD15: Datrium impresses


Chan Ekanayake (@ChanEk81)

Storage Field Day 15 – Introduction

Dropbox’s Magic Pocket: Power Of Software Defined Storage

A Look At The Hedvig Distributed Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Cohesity: A Secondary Storage Solution For The Hybrid Cloud?

NetApp’s & Next Generation Storage Technologies


Chin-Fah Heoh (@StorageGaga)

Always serendipitous Storage Field Days

Storage dinosaurs evolving too

Magic happening

Cohesity SpanFS – a foundational shift

NetApp and IBM gotta take risks

Own the Data Pipeline

Huawei Dorado – All about Speed


Mariusz Kaczorek (@Settlersoman)


Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi)

Western Digital at SFD15: ActiveScale object storage

Huawei presents OceanStor architecture at SFD15


Dukagjin Maloku (@DugiDM)

Storage Field Day 15 … #SFD15


Michael Stanclift (@VMStan)


Lino Telera (@LinoTelera)

Back to Silicon Valley for Storage Field Day 15

Storage Field Day 15: Dropbox the high availability in a pocket

Storage Field Day 15: Cohesity the solution for secondary data

Storage Field Day 15:

Storage Field Day 15: The open convergence by Datrium


Arjan Timmerman (@ArjanTim)

Starwind software: SFD15 preview


Dr Rachel Traylor (@Mathpocalypse)

Commentary: White Papers Dont Impress Me Much

Dialogue: What Do We Mean By Predictive Analytics?

Little’s Law: For Estimation Only


Vendor Posts

Datrium @ Storage TechFieldDay

Storage Field Day Wrap-up: How Cohesity is Disrupting Legacy Backup