Dell Technologies World 2018 – Tuesday General Session – Power Up To Make IT Real – Rough Notes

Disclaimer: I recently attended Dell Technologies World 2018.  My flights, accommodation and conference pass were paid for by Dell Technologies via the Press, Analysts and Influencers program. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

Here are my (very) rough notes from Tuesday’s General Session – Power Up To Make IT Real – at Dell Technologies World.

Jeff Clarke takes the stage. Dell Technologies World is his favourite event – it’s a great opportunity to share, collaborate and learn from one another. He says that Dell EMC is “[t]he only organisation in IT that builds products from the edge to the core to the cloud”.


5 Major Technology Trends Accelerating The Digital Transformation

1. Immersive and collaborative computing – driven by workforce transformation

  • Digital natives preferring new ways to work
  • Work is no longer a location, it’s an activity
  • Technology and the PC absolutely matters – the new workforce will leave if you don’t give them the right tools
  • By 2020 – AR/VR and mixed media will be adopted by 20% of enterprises
  • Interplay Learning as an example of effective VR for training
  • Creating new ways to collaborate

[Video example plays]

2. Internet of Things

  • “Lots of data everywhere”
  • Decentralisation pushing more and more out to the edge
  • Autonomous car example. If something jumps in front, you don’t want latency to impact the decision to brake

3. Multi-cloud adoption

  • 50% of users today are running more than one cloud type
  • People shifting back to private cloud for particular workloads
  • We’re going to see stuff move back and forth

Cloud tiering, cloud management capabilities, cloud-based services (eg CloudIQ), Storage, data protection and security code for private clouds, quickly apply security and data protection to workloads on public cloud, need cloud economic model too.

4. Software-defined everything 

  • Specialised software running on industry standard hardware as the norm
  • SDN disrupting the status quo
  • NVMe and SCM will further drive the software-defined era

5. AI and Machine Learning

  • Opportunity to make better use fo all of this data to drive better business outcomes – and do it faster
  • 71% of all enterprise apps will have AI in them by 2021 (!)
  • ProSupport uses AI to predict failure rates and proactively address issues
  • Machine learning in the supply chain
  • Dell Precision Optimizer

Product Announcements

  • PowerEdge R940xa (spec sheet here)
  • PowerEdge R840 (spec sheet here)

You can find the Dell EMC press release on new PowerEdge machines here.

How do we turn data into better data to drive better outcomes?

Customer Videos

McLaren is 3 businesses – F1 racing, sports car business, and an applied technologies business. Have been running connected cars for 20 years. Experts in sensors, edge computing, telemetry, etc.

Data analytics has completely transformed the business. The product is very different now – the payload of sensors is huge (4Mbs – regulated / limited). Distributed around a decision making system – drivers, engineers, mechanics. Everyone has an assigned responsibility for making key decisions. Move the data to the people in real time. The process change – racing cars are obsolete in 6 weeks – it’s no longer a linear process. People change as well – need to take decisions at the point of most intelligence – knowing what to do next.

Where to from here? Building out this connected world into a variety of businesses. Eg health with the UK Childrens Hospital, digital therapeutics, connected transport, some level of autonomous vehicles. 

[Alienware Video – CD Projekt Red]

Dell Precision Workstations as the leading platform for game development industry


Modern Data Centre

The modern DC is required to compete and, according to Clarke, a key attribute is end to end NVMe storage. NVMe done right is the path to storage class memory (SCM). Agile – Intelligent – Multi-cloud.


Introduces “[w]orld’s fastest storage array – the Dell EMC PowerMax”. It’s NVMe/F ready, and SCM ready (*coming soon).

  • “NVMe pipeline from stem to stern”
  • Real-time machine learning engine built-in to the OS

Introduces “PowerMax Bob” – Bob DeCrescenzo, SVP Dell EMC Storage.

  • Multi-controller scale out architecture
  • Use Flash drives of today, and SCM drives of tomorrow
  • New NVMe controllers, enclosures, and dual-ported drives
  • Start as low as 2 controllers / 13TB capacity, up to 16 controllers / 4PB (effective) capacity
  • Up to 5:1 data reduction

Clarke then gives us a sneak peek of PowerEdge MX and introduces Joyce Metevier (Director Engineering, Dell EMC Servers).

  • Run traditional apps while also supporting something like VSAN
  • Scalable network architecture – designed to support 25Gbps / 100Gbps and beyond
  • OpenManage Enterprise built into the chassis

You can read the PowerMax, XtremIO, VxRail and VxRack SDDC press release here.

Jeff moves to wrap up. It’s all about:

  • Non-disruptive integration;
  • Software-defined;
  • Cloud-ready;
  • NVMe and NVMe/F;
  • SCM-ready; and
  • Simplicity, speed, productivity and innovation.

He also mentions their “Future proof storage loyalty program”.

Solid session. 3 stars.