Random Short Take #94

Welcome to Random Short Take #94. Let’s get random.

VMware Fusion 3.1 Released

Fusion 3.1 has now been released. Release notes can be had here, and you can download it from here. I look forward to testing out the OVF tool in my vSphere lab. Enjoy!

VMware Fusion and the Mac keyboard

In a long list of stupid things that annoyed me at times about using Fusion, I found myself doing a long and boring LUN design with Microsoft Excel (for the new CX4-960 at work, for those of you playing at home). While I could have used Office for the Mac, for whatever reason I was using Windows XP via VMware’s Fusion product. And, in a moment of head-slapping stupidity, I couldn’t turn NUMLOCK on. And this made me sad. Fortunately, the internets was invented for frustrated people like me. VMware were even nice enough to provide a KB article on this issue, amongst other things. It’s here, and makes for useful reading. *Spoiler Alert!* By the way, you want to press “clear” on the numeric keypad to get NUMLOCK functionality. It’s amazingly simple stuff, and yet I’m still very happy to have found it. And now I can share it with you via my 100th post of all things.