Updated Articles page

I’ve added a brief article covering the steps involved in installing the Cisco Prime DCNM in standalone mode – used for management and maintenance of Cisco fabrics. I had to re-install this software after a workstation replacement and thought it might be useful to document the steps required.

Update articles page

I’ve added a brief article covering the steps involved in installing the EMC Centera Tools software suite – used for management and maintenance of Centera clusters. I’m hopeful that I’ll have time to do some more articles covering basic usage of the Centera CLI in the near future. Feel free to look at some of the other articles I’ve published as well – hopefully you’ll find someting useful in there.

Updated Articles page

A few months ago someone asked me if I had documentation on how to do FLARE upgrades on a CLARiiON. I’d taken a video last year, but realised that it used the old Navisphere Service Taskbar and covered the upgrade of a CX700 to FLARE 26. So, basically, my doco was a little out of date.

I recently had the opportunity to upgrade some of our CX4-120s to the latest release of FLARE 30 (.524), so thought it might be an opportune moment to document the process in a visual sense. Once I’d completed the articles, I realised this may have been done better with a series of videos. Maybe next time. In any case, here’s a four-part series (part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4) on how to upgrade FLARE on a CX4 using Unisphere Service Manager. It’s a classic death-by-screenshot scenario, and I apologise in advance for the size of the files. While we’re talking about documentation, have a look through the rest of the articles page, there might be something useful there. And if you want something covered specifically, I do take requests.

New Article – Joining an ESXi Host to an Active Directory Domain

I’ve added a very basic article to the Articles page on Joining an ESXi Host to an Active Directory Domain. I’ll probably update it in the next few weeks with more information on why you would do this.

Updated articles page

I’ve added another document to my articles page. This one covers the creation of port-channels between Cisco MDS 9513 switches. I was clueless about a lot of this until a friend from EMC took me through the steps. So I’ve created this document as a way to capture those steps for future reference. Hopefully you’ll find it of use.

Updated Articles Page

I’ve added another article to my articles page. This one covers the basics of initial configuration of various FC switches. It’s a little dated in places, but I found it a handy reference when I was deploying a lot of different vendors’ solutions in the field. You may find useful as well.

EMC Unisphere – Basics – Part 3 – Installing USM

I’ve added a new “death by screenshot” article to my articles page. It covers the installation of USM and some basics. For those of you playing at home, USM is the new NST. Which was the new SIW. Which was … You get the picture.

The Basics AKA Death by Screenshot

I’ve created a new page, imaginatively titled “Articles”, that has a number of articles I’ve done recently covering various simple operational or implementation-focused tasks. You may or may not find them useful. I hope this doesn’t become my personal technical documentation graveyard, although I have a feeling that a number of the documents will probably stay at version 0.01 until such time as the underlying technology no longer exists. Enjoy!