VMware and Storage – in case you cared

I just had the misfortune of being sent this quote by a colleague (thanks Crunch):

What should storage users know about VMware that they don’t know today?

Bock: I think a lot of people overestimate the complexity of doing a VMware deployment, because they hear about more complex cases and forget that the vast majority of installations are very simple. The storage industry has decided that iSCSI storage is best for VMware in smaller environments, and VMware agrees. There are a broad range of options out there.”

In and of itself, it’s the kind of quote that makes me irate, and the kind of quote that sales guys latch on to when trying to justify iSCSI opportunities. The whole article is here, and is up to the usual standard of searchstorage articles, in the sense that the tagline looks exciting, and there are some words on the screen and advertising and you’ll feel like you’ve not learnt anything after you’ve read it. But I digress. And while I think that some iterations of iSCSI are smokin’, you need to be careful, with _every_ deployment, regardless of the perceived complexity or otherwise. Rant, rant, iSCSI, red rag to a bull.

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  1. Dan… I did ask for your opinion on the article, didn’t I?

    One of the other problems with the quote is that it doesn’t exactly define what “smaller” environments are.

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