Tintri ChatOps – Because All I Do Is Hang Out On Slack Anyway


I’m a bit behind the times with my tech news, but Tintri sent me a link to a video they did demonstrating their new “ChatOps” feature. I was going to make fun of it, but it’s actually pretty neat. If you’ve used Slack before, you probably know it’s got a fairly extensible engine that you can use to do a bunch of cool things. With ChatOps, you can send your Tintri arrays commands and things get done. Not only does it do stuff for you, it does them in a sensible / efficient fashion as well. And since I spend a lot of time on Slack in any case, this feature just might take off.

You can read more about this and some other new features from Tintri at El Reg. And I agree with Chris that a focus by Tintri beyond table stakes is a smart move.