Storage Field Day – I’ll be at SFD7

If you haven’t heard of the very excellent Tech Field Day, head on over and check it out. They do all kinds of Field Days, including one for storage. Number 7 is happening in less than a month and, yes, I’ll be there again. Woohoo! Twice in 6 months. Look, you can see my picture on the internet and everything. I’m looking forward to crossing time zones and hob-nobbing with some really smart people for a few days. It’s also worth checking back on the SFD7 website during the event as there’ll be video streaming and the like. You can also check out the evolving list of delegates.

I’d also like to publicly thank in advance the nice folk from Tech Field Day (Stephen, Claire and Tom) who’ve seen fit to have me back. Also thanks to the sponsors (more about them later).


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