EMC – Maximum Pool LUN Size

Mat has been trying to create a 42TB LUN to use temporarily for Centera backups. I don’t want to go into why we’re doing Centera backups, but let’s just say we need the space. He created a Storage Pool on one of the CX4-960s, using 28 2TB spindles and 6+1 private RAID Groups. However, when he tried to bind the LUN, he got the following error.


Weird. So what if we set the size to 44000GB?


No, that doesn’t work either. Turns out, I should really read some of the stuff that I post here, like my article entitled “EMC CLARiiON VNX7500 Configuration guidelines – Part 1“, where I mention that the maximum size of a Pool LUN is 16TB. I was wrong in any case, as it looks more like it’s 14TB. Seems like we’ll be using RAID Groups and MetaLUNs to get over the line on this one.