VMware – VMworld 2014 – The Rookie’s Excited

I mentioned a little while ago that VMware had kindly provided me with a blogger’s pass to VMworld in San Francisco this year (the registration page is here). This will be my first VMworld, and while I’ve been to smaller events in Australia, I’m led to believe it’s a pretty big deal, with lots of people and lots of things to do. And I’m excited about it. Besides the fact that every time I see No Limits I think of that darned 2 Unlimited techno song from the 90s.

In any case, my hotel’s booked, I have flights sorted and I’ve found some comfortable shoes. I’ve been treating Christopher’s blog posts as my rule book for attendance – it’s a great guide for people attending for the first or umpteenth time. As I said in my previous post, I get to SF on Friday, and will be crashing in nearby Menlo Park for a few days before heading into SF on Sunday. If you’re in that neck of the woods and want to catch up – just drop me a line.

I’ve filled out most of my sessions at this stage, leaving myself a bit of time for networking and unexpected activities. If stalking me is the kind of thing you’re into, then you can download a current version in csv format here. If it changes dramatically I’ll upload it before I get on the plane over. As far as which sessions I’m excited about, well, I’m excited about them all. There’s a bunch of content being presented this year and it all looks pretty top notch. I found it difficult to choose between a number of sessions and often found myself wanting to sign up for everything that was on offer.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with people that I’ve only ever spoken to via twitter or e-mail, and I’m keen to check out some of the afterhours events and tweetups that are happening. I’m also keen to catch up with some of the EMC Elect who’ll be in attendance as well.

Finally, I’m stoked to have been given this opportunity by the VMware Community & Social Media team and hope that I can provide you with some interesting insight into what this event is all about. I look forward to posting some session reviews, product info, and obligatory blurry photos of people I bump into along the way. Thanks again for reading the blog. It’s been an emotional (!) journey so far and it’s gonna get a bit more so in the next few weeks ;)

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