sVMotion with snapshot bad

You know when it says in the release notes, and pretty much every forum on the internet, that doing sVMotion migrations with snapshots attached to a vmdk is bad? Turns out they were right, and you might just end up munting your vmdk file in the process. So you might just need this link to recreate the vmdk. You may find yourself in need of this process to commit the snapshot as well. Or, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find yourself with a vmsn file that references a missing vmdk file. Wow, how rad! To work around this, I renamed the vmsn to .old, ran another snapshot, and then committed the snapshots. I reiterate that I think snapshots are good when you’re in a tight spot, in the same way that having a baseball bat can be good when you’re attacked in your home. But if you just go around swinging randomly, something’s going to get broken. Bad analogy? Maybe, but I think you get what I’m saying here.

To recap, when using with VIMA, here’s the syntax: --datacenter=network.internal --url= --username=vcadmin --vm="[VMFS_02] host01/host01.vmx:VMFS_01"

Of course, my preferred method is here:

svmotion --interactive



  1. Good tip.
    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed discovering this blog thinking it was very Australian when the clue stick beat me over the head. I notice the ‘whois’ details have Eatons Hill. Do you know the ‘Roth’s’ from Albany Creek? (North Brissie is such a small place, I know)
    Anyways, you prompted me to create my own site with tips and tricks.
    We seem to be in similar industries although you get to play with a wider variety of gear then I ever will at my job. I’ll do my best to put up some good tips and attempt to plagiarise your site as often as possible.
    I am a linux (server) guy and that linux haters blog is the best thing I’ve read in ages.

  2. David,

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s refreshing to know that someone other than myself reads this stuff. Don’t know the Roths – although you’re right, it is a small world on this side of town. Like your blog, although would feel better if I didn’t ever have to deal with pvscsi again …

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