Random Short Take #39

Welcome to Random Short Take #39. Not a huge amount of players have worn 39 in the NBA, and I’m not going to pretend I’m any real fan of The Dwightmare. But things are tough all around, so let’s remain optimistic and push through to number 40. Anyway let’s get random.

  • VeeamON 2020 was online this week, and Anthony Spiteri has done a great job of summarising the major technical session announcements here.
  • I’ve known Howard Marks for a while now, and always relish the opportunity to speak with him when I can. This post is pretty hilarious, and I’m looking forward to reading the followup posts.
  • This is a great article from Alastair Cooke on COVID-19 and what En-Zed has done effectively to stop the spread. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on returning to the US, and I do agree that it’s going to be some time until I make the trip across the Pacific again.
  • Sometimes people get crazy ideas about how they might repurpose some old bits of technology. It’s even better when they write about their experiences in doing so. This article on automating an iPod Hi-Fi’s volume control over at Six Colors was fantastic.
  • Chris M. Evans put out a typically thought-provoking piece on data migration challenges recently that I think is worth checking out. I’ve been talking a lot to customers that are facing these challenges on a daily basis, and it’s interesting to see how, regardless of the industry vertical they operate in, it’s sometimes just a matter of the depth varying, so to speak.
  • I frequently bump into Ray Lucchesi at conferences, and he knows a fair bit about what does and doesn’t work. This article on his experiences recently with a number of virtual and online conferences is the epitome of constructive criticism.
  • Speaking of online conferences, the Australian VMUG UserCon will be virtual this year and will be held on the 30th July. You can find out more and register here.
  • Finally, if you’ve spent any time with me socially, you’ll know I’m a basketball nut. And invariably I’ll tell you that Deftones is may favouritest band ever. So it was great to come across this article about White Pony on one of my favourite sports (and popular culture) websites. If you’re a fan of Deftones, this is one to check out.


OT: Henry Rollins Appreciation Day

Sorry for the break in posts. A lot has been happening but not a lot that would mean much to my loyal readership of 3. I’d like to post some more information about what I’ve been doing with Backup Exec at a client site recently but I still need to get a few more facts from various people before I launch into that particular tirade. Instead, I’ve been meaning to post some stuff on Henry Rollins for a while now, but have forgotten every time I’ve had a moment to do it. So today is Henry Rollins Appreciation Day. You won’t find that on any calender, I just made it up. I first came across Henry when I saw the clip for “Low Self Opinion” when I was in high school – and I was hooked. I think Henry is important and prolific and to celebrate I made a mix-tape on CD of some of my favourite tracks that he has contributed to. There’s only a bit there, and he’s done a lot of stuff, including books, CDs, spoken-word tours, acting, radio and a TV show. Read some more about Henry here. I’m currently reading “Smile, You’re Travelling”, which chronicles his travels during 1997 – 1998. You should check out Rollins Archive for a complete archive of the radio work he’s been doing. And here’s my favourite clip from his Rollins Band days:

And without further ado, here’s my Henry Rollins mix-tape:

Neon – Rollins Band
Right Here, Too Much – Rollins Band
Do It – Rollins Band
Just Like You – Rollins Band
Rise Above – Black Flag
The End of Something – Rollins Band
Hard – Rollins Band
Burned Beyond Recognition – Rollins Band
Modern Man – Black Flag
Black Coffee – Black Flag
Slip It In – Black Flag
I Can’t Get Behind That – (with William Shatner)
Civilized – Rollins Band
Shine – Rollins Band
Turned Out – Rollins Band

I thoroughly recommend checking out his spoken word DVDs and try and get a ticket to the “ageing alternative icon” show if he’s ever in your part of the world. And he will be.

OT: Mouthguard announce European tour

I had lunch with Viktor Guard the other day and he told me about Mouthguard‘s upcoming European tour. They are playing a farewell show at the Jubilee on Saturday 12 July. Get yourself along to see one of Brisbane’s best hardcore / street punk bands. Be sure you get there in time to see Provoke as well.

Guitar Hero

I really enjoy hearing about people using technology for the betterment of humankind. That’s why I’m so happy to share this link to an article on retrothing. Be sure to check the youtube videos as well. Enjoy!

Mike Patton Appreciation Day

Today is Mike Patton Appreciation Day. You won’t find that on any calender, I just made it up. But I think Mike is important and prolific and to celebrate I made a mix-tape on CD of some of my favourite tracks that he has contributed to. You’ll notice there’s quite a bit missing, including some of the excellent work he did with Tomahawk, but there’s only so much you can fit on a CD. Read some more about Mike here. And let people know if you like Mike.

We’re Not Alone – Peeping Tom

Paths of Glory – Faith No More

Caffeine – Faith No More

The Morning After – Faith No More

Ugly in the Morning – Faith No More

Stripsearch – Faith No More

Quote Unquote – Mr Bungle

Celebrity Deathmatch

Be Aggressive – Faith No More

Light Up and Let Go – Faith No More

The Girls of Porn – Mr Bungle

Ricochet – Faith No More

What a Day – Faith No More

Mojo – Peeping Tom

The Real Thing – Faith No More