This error has been driving us nuts. Every few hours, since we upgrade to FLARE 30, we get:

Time Stamp 12/16/10 21:42:28 (GMT) Event Number 7600

Severity Error Host SAN01-B

Storage Array CK20XXXXXXXX79 SP N/A Device N/A

Description Dynamic strings:[16-Dec-2010 21:42:28+759ms GMT Standard Time] t@1732

WIN-F-EEXCEPTION-Windows exception 0XC0000005 at 0X12BE0DB9

So we logged a call with support, after reading emc234899 on Powerlink, which states that the alert is benign. Support have said it will be fixed in a future release of FLARE 30. Apparently not in patch .509 though, because the release notes make no mention of the problem being fixed. It’s no big deal, as the alert is benign, but it’s annoying for the people carrying the pager because it’s happening about 10 times a day.


  1. Thanks for the post…we have been getting a few of these…good to know it is not a real issue.

  2. Thanks for the post. I found it here before I ever found it on powerlink :)

    We received our first ever alert regarding this issue today on our CX4 running FLARE

    Oddly enough, I received the alert immediately after I kicked off a LUN migration. Not sure if it’s related…

  3. Started getting these errors after kicking off IO intensive actions. We’re on 509. I love getting these when I’m at lunch …

  4. We went to 509 to get rid of some coherency errors we’d been getting on RAID group rebuilds / proactive hot sparing. Although we haven’t gotten the WIN-F-EXCEPTION errors since. Maybe 510 will be the winner :)

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