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So here’s some more moaning about MozyHome just in case you weren’t as bored with this as I am. I got a response back from Mozy support and it seems I should just run a backup again and it will “re-associate” the data, rather than “re-upload”. Sure. The point is that if I needed to recover data from Mozy today I would only be able to get back 10.xGB. That seems uncool. Very uncool. I’ve attached the support e-mail for posterity.

“Hi xxxx,

Thanks for your email. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I looked into the screenshots you have sent. I understand that there is a huge difference between the data that is backed up. This might happen if the configuration settings on the machine is corrupted, Some times when the configuration file is corrupted, then mozy will show different size.

I would request you to select all your data and run a backup. Before uploading any file into mozy, it will check to see if the files are already existing or if it is a new file.

>From your machine it might look like mozy is re-uploading because the file will undergo encoding, however from the server side it is only re-associating.

In case you need clarification or further assistance, please email me and I will be glad to help.

Thanks for using Mozy Support!

Mozy Support”

Maybe someone at EMC / Decho could enlighten me? Getting cranky now ‘Zilla.


  1. Hey Dan,
    I’m sorry about the confusing directions you’ve been given here. I’ll send you a separate note about this. But I want to let the readers of your blog know that we have not lost any of our customers’ information.

    Recently, we experienced a high volume of data center traffic that prevented the Mozy client from adequately identifying files that were previously backed up. As a result, Mozy is sending third or fourth copies of the same files to our data centers.

    Our development team is working right now to address the issue and expects to have this fixed soon.

    Any of your readers are welcome to contact me directly if they have any questions.

    Devin Knighton
    [email protected]

  2. My favourite part is how they don’t tell you how much data you’ve really got up there in the cloud.

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