VMware – VMworld 2016 – Tuesday General Session Notes

Disclaimer: I recently attended VMworld 2016 – US.  My flights were paid for by myself, VMware provided me with a free pass to the conference and various bits of swag, and Tech Field Day picked up my hotel costs. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.


Here’re my rough notes from the VMworld 2016 – General Session – Tuesday. And if you want some blurry photos as well – I can help out with that too.

Sanjay Poonen takes the stage. The world going digital. This is the fourth industrial revolution (I hadn’t been keeping count, but it seems right). Both high-tech and low-tech (using the tea industry as an example) is being transformed.
Transform the DC. Transform the EUC experience. “Any cloud, any app, any device”.

50% of the world is still client-server, Windows-based.

Workspace ONE – closing the divide between IT and users.

  • Consumer meets enterprise.
  • “Cloud-first” solutions – for the DC, Horizon, AirWatch, etc.
  • Identity management is key

People pull their phones out of their pockets 90-100 times per day, and use them on average 90-100s.

“Live” Demo overview of Workspace ONE.
Stephanie Buscemi – @sbuscemi (EVP, Product and Solutions Marketing at Salesforce) takes the stage, talks about Salesforce One.

VMware Horizon

  • Next-Generation user experience
  • true stateless desktops
  • real-time app delivery
  • desktop-as-a-Service
  • Hybrid cloud architecture

Simplicity and security
Customer testimonial video – American Red Cross, Sprint, Mecklenburg County, The Coca-Cola Company.

  • Unified endpoint management is a focus for VMware
  • Aiming to lower cost of ownership for Windows 10 (15-30% lower from $7000 per user)

VMware TrustPoint (partnership with Tanium) – Integration of TrustPoint with AirWatch.
Consumer wants it simple, enterprise wants secure – do it with Workspace ONE
Ray O’Farrell – EVP and CTO – takes the stage and starts talking about the partnership between VMware and customers and partners.

It’s a balancing act. Cloud native apps require that you embrace a bunch of new technologies.
Kit Colbert then takes the stage to get all cloudy.

  • Modern apps built using containers. Hipsters!
  • Containers are moving to the enterprise

Containers in production can be a bit different to containers in development.

Containers in Development

  • Laptop + Docker

Containers in Production

  • Networking
  • Monitoring
  • Accounting
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Portability
  • Diagnosis
  • Avaiability
  • Backup
  • Repeatable Deployments
  • Disaster recovery

VMware are focussed on enterprise container infrastructure, so you can run in production with confidence.
vSphere integrated containers

  • for developers
  • docker-compatible solution
  • reuse of native Docker client and existing Docker ecosystem tools
  • Seamless integration into SDLC

For operators

  • familiarity of vSphere
  • No new tooling, training, or technologies
  • full enterprise-class power of the software-defined DC

New features

  • Container engine – Docker Remote API-compatible engine deeply integrated into vSphere, instantiating container images in VMs
  • Container Registry (new) – Enterprise registry for securely storing container images, with built-in RBAC and image replication
  • Container Management Portal (new) – Portal for app teams to manage the container repositories, images, hosts and running container instances

Use vRealize Automation to deliver Container hosts via a catalogue
Customer testimonial video – Otto Group, Banca Popolare di Sondrio

  • available now as OSS – github.com/vmware/vic-product
  • Beta program – vmware.com/vicbeta

Photon Platform

  • supports agile and dynamic DevOps
  • Deep integration into popular app frameworks
  • strong security and multi-tenancy
  • simple, out of the box experience
  • thin layer of API-driven, fully automated management
  • high-scale compute, network, and storage fabric

Photon platform

  • Free tier now available – vmware.github.io/photon-controller
  • coming soon: photon platform with Kubernetes and NSX

Ray O now talking about SDDC

  • Customer testimonial – Nike
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack

SDDC key elements – compute, storage, network

  • vSphere is key to this
  • vRealize
  • NSX and VSAN

Rajiv Ramaswami takes the stage.

  • Networking heading from hardware to software
  • challenges – security, automation, application continuity
  • fun fact: average cost of a data breach – $4 million
  • automation – need to be able to turn apps on instantly (provisioning in weeks or months)

Customer examples (including citibank)
Jacob from the technical marketing team with NSX on stage

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Enforce
  • Monitor

The goals haven’t changed – we’re still after security, availability, speed. Infrastructure, architecture and user behaviour is changing though.
Customer testimonial – Amadeus Data Processing
Yanbing Li takes the stage, talking about HCI powered by VSAN.

  • +5000 unique customers
  • Over 60% using VSAN for business critical apps

Customer testimonial – Amway
Why HCI with VSAN?

  • increase operational efficiency with native vSphere storage
  • achieve 50% savings with all-flash optimisations
  • eliminate IT silos with broader choice: 15 server vendors and 100+ cloud partners

In March they released VSAN 6.2.
The best storage for cross-cloud architecture

  • cloud – containers / big data
  • management – performance analytics and policies
  • security – fully integrated, software-defined encryption


Cross-cloud services – data management and governance

  • data governance
  • mobility
  • disaster recovery
  • data protection

*Ray back on stage to wrap up

  • VMware Vision (see photo above)
  • learn, engage, embrace
  • “Ready to be tomorrow”

Solid session. 3 stars.