VMware – vFORUM 2016 Sydney – A Few Notes

Disclaimer: I recently attended VMware vFORUM 2016.  My flights, transfers, and conference pass were paid for by VMware via the vChampions program. My accommodation and time were covered by my employer. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.




Alister Dias performed MC duties for the keynote, with Pat Gelsinger delivering his first keynote in Australia as CEO of VMware. I won’t provide a transcript here but rather some of the key points. (BTW I think Pat did a great job considering he’d just gotten off the plane from Tokyo a few hours prior).

  • Virtualisation in Australia and New Zealand has market highest penetration in the world
  • “be_tomorrow” – key opportunities for tomorrow. Is digital transformation the new business? Or is this the old, traditional business? New and cool? Or old and clunky? In their opinion all business is digital business.
  • Driven by cloud and mobility.


What’s your strategy?

  • 80% of companies still laggards in transformation
  • Culture and technology – redefining the rules, changing the framework, choosing modern technologies and processes.
  • Every business needs to become a digital business
  • Cloud is an essential technology (some background on cloud – Schmidt from Google – 2006)
  • Predicts that in June 2021 – 50% workloads in the cloud (20% private, 30% public, 50/50 split SaaS/IaaS). 50% public cloud? 2030. There’s a long way to go.
  • People building less DCs and consuming more in hosting environments
  • Machine-connected as opposed to human-connected devices connected to the cloud (not just smart lightbulbs) – 4x explosion in the number of devices
  • Cloud will decrease the total IT market? Not at all. Cloud will expand the market for IT.
  • Gelsinger talks about being Chief Architect for 486 CPU.
  • Explosion of “Shadow IT” – every piece of the business needs IT now
  • The bad news is “you’re still expected to make sure everything works right and is secure”, despite the fact that you have no control over the apps, data, users, devices, network, platform, DC, etc.


Challenge of “Freedom versus Control”

  • IT are the parents (wanting control) of teenagers (wanting freedom)
  • How do we have both? VMware is focused on bringing those two worlds together
  • Bringing together private and public cloud – transform IT into software-driven thing. DC as programmable and automated.
  • With compute – this is vSphere (with 6.5 – modern UI (!),  comprehensive built-in security, expanding application domains)
  • With management – leader in cloud management, NSX in the tornado of adoption
  • With storage – vSAN 6.5 – reductions in TCO, improvements in All-Flash support
  • Extension of this SDDC into the public cloud
  • Bring together all the private and public capabilities together? Cross-cloud architecture. “Run, manage, connect and secure your apps across any cloud environment using a common operating capability”.
  • “Like having a teenager you both love and like”
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • SaaS Services – Cross-Cloud services – enabling you to manage any cloud (VMware-based or not)
  • Foundation for hybrid cloud and public cloud services as well (mentions vCAN partners)
  • Foundational announcements – IBM making Cloud Foundation available as a service and partnership with AWS – bringing together leader in private with leader in public cloud.
  • Platform that says “Any cloud”. In the past they provided the freedom for “Any hardware”.
  • “Any application”. What about the legacy apps built over 10 – 30 years?
  • “Any device” – consumer simple and enterprise secure. Mentions Workspace One.

Never before have your capabilities been important in transforming business capabilities.

Bruce Davie then did some great demos on cross-cloud services and tied together Gelsinger’s key thematic notes quite nicely.



I won’t do the full disclosure post like I usually do with event attendance (although I’m sure you’re all very disappointed to read that), but as part of my attendance at this event I received:



While vFORUM has finished, you might find VMware’s Tech Guide a useful download. It contains details of all the sessions from the two days, along with useful links to collateral and further reading. In the next few weeks I’ll try and put together some posts on vSphere 6.5 and Cloud Foundations, etc.

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