VMware – VCP510 exam pass

I passed my VCP510 exam in early February with a score of 400. I’m pleased to have finally gotten it out of the way as it’s been really difficult to get a slot in the testing centres in Brisbane, particularly with the requirement to do the two-day course if you don’t pass it before the end of February. I haven’t done as much with vSphere 5 in a hands-on sense as I would have liked, but Workstation 8 / Fusion 4 helped me get up and running enough to get familiar with the product.

I found the following resources of particular use:

Forbes Guthrie’s vReference.com had a number of useful documents, particularly the vSphere 5 documentation notes and the quite awesome vSphere 5 vReference Card;

Andrea Mauro‘s vInfrastructure Blog also had an excellent summary of the key areas to focus on.

I also recommend you read through as much reference material / admin guides that you can, and remember that what you’re taught in the course doesn’t always correlate with what you see in the exam. As always, I found the storage, networking and performance documents to be of the most use. Good luck!


  1. congrats!
    I was one of the unlucky ones that by the time I decided to book my VCP510 (january) exam all the testing center slots where full. When did you book your exam spot?

  2. Thanks Adam. I booked halfway through December last year. My only recommendation is to check the Pearson Vue site daily. Mercury IT at the Gold Coast is also now apparently an option – so it might be worth checking them out. Otherwise, you could always fly to Rockhampton – I’m sure there’re spots up there …

  3. Congratulations! I passed mine yesterday and I too had put it off. I used the HA deepdive as I figured a lot of troubleshooting questions would center around HA/DRS (along with the previous Fast Track and experience I had in obtaining my VCP4) and the official documentation.

    I had a really hard time getting a spot. I was hoping to book one for ~Feb 15 so I could retake without resitting the test, but the only spot open was for almost 1.5 months out (Feb 26 or 28th!) so I almost missed the deadline. Luckily, I passed on the first attempt.

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