VMware – SRM advanced setting for snap prefix

We haven’t been doing this in our production configurations, but if you want to change the behaviour of SRM with regards to the “snap-xxx” prefix on replica datastores, you need to modify an advanced setting in SRM. So, go to the vSphere client – SRM, and right-click on Site Recovery and select Advanced Settings. Under SanProvider, there’s an option called “SanProvider.fixRecoveredDatastoreNames” with a little checkbox that needs to be ticked to prevent the recovered datastores being renamed with the unsightly prefix.

You can also do this when manually mounting snapshots or mirrors with the help of the esxcfg-volume command – but that’s a story for another time.


  1. I have also read that it is recommended that if you change this setting, that you also change SanProvider.hostRescanRepeatCnt to 2 because first it mounts the datastore with the snap-xxx prefix and then it renames it and sometimes when the rename happens SRM might still look for the snap name when getting ready to configure VMs.

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