VMware, EMC PowerPath/VE, PSODs and a hot-fix

I’m not sure why I missed this but I’m nothing if not extremely ignorant from time to time. We’ve been getting occasional Purple Screens on our ESXi hosts running 4.1 and EMC PowerPath/VE 5.4 SP2. Seems it might be a problem that needs some hot fixin’. Annoyingly, you need to contact EMC support to get hold of the patch. That’s not a major issue because if you’re running PowerPath you’d know how to do this, but it would be nice if they just belted it out on their support site. But what do I know about the complexities of patch release schedules? Hopefully the patch will be incorporated into the next dot release of PP/VE, otherwise you should consider getting hold of it if you’re having the issues described by VMware here and in EMC’s kb article emc263739 (sorry you’ll have to search for it once you’re logged in).


  1. Are you using ESXi 4.1 U1? I’m curious if U1 and/or the array type CX/CX3/CX4/VNX would make any difference here. Thanks for the write up.

  2. Hi Dave,
    We’re using 4.1 straight without U1. I’m hoping to work with our ops guys to look at deploying U1 in the next few weeks. The problem is that the error is random. And it seems like it’s been hard to pin down the cause. The CX4s are now running .517, and hopefully when the VNXs rollin we won’t see these issues either. I’ll keep you posted. Dan

  3. I guess another question is what did you have the failover mode set at? How often does it happen?

  4. We’re running failover mode 4. It happens “rarely under a specific set of circumstances” – which translates to maybe 3 times in the last 2 months.

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