VMware and StorMagic – Happy Days at the Edge

It seems like only a few months ago that I was introduced to StorMagic via Storage Field Day 6. You can read my thoughts on that here. I was pretty impressed with StorMagic’s focus on their strengths and the solution’s capacity to solve some difficult problems when it came to virtualised storage at the edge of the network.

In any case, StorMagic announced recently that they’ve officially partnered with VMware as the ROBO storage solution of choice when it comes deploying a VSA at the edge. What that translates to is one SKU from VMware to order the software and licences and one SKU from StorMagic to get your hands on a very solid edge storage VSA solution. Here’s a link to StorMagic’s solution brief on their website. And here’s a picture.


The solution runs on anything that’s in the VMware HCL, can scale down to 2 servers (as opposed to VSAN’s 3-node requirement) and provides edge HA for the large enterprise.

You can also read a great write-up from Amit Panchal here, as well as a typically astute analysis from Jon Klaus here. I think it’s great that StorMagic have been able to make this announcement and look forward to hearing about future developments.

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