Tintri Announces Centralised Upgrades


Tintri recently announced centralised upgrades for users of Tintri Global Center (TGC). I normally wouldn’t get too excited about minor innovations from storage vendors, but I do get a little dizzy when I hear about storage vendors making life easier for the hapless storage admin. In this case, if you’re using TGC you can leverage a new feature of TGC that allows you to bulk select storage arrays that you’re managing and set them to upgrade.

This probably isn’t a major issue if you’re running one or two arrays, but if you have 8 or 16 under your watch (or up to 64 per TGC), then this is going to save you a bit of time at the console.



I remember when I started out with midrange storage arrays that the process to upgrade them was tedious at best and oftentimes went pear-shaped thanks to odd behaviour with Java or mis-typed commands at a console. The process to perform the upgrade often ran to tens of pages and involved an awful lot of pre-flight checks. The worst part of broken upgrades was the requirement to trudge to the data centre to find out what was up with that, and if you were lucky, you had a sophisticated enough connectivity solution that your storage vendor could access the array and fix things remotely.

Thankfully, the days of less than seamless array upgrades with 100s of steps are behind us. Instead, most all of the vendors have introduced automated mechanisms to deliver a painless upgrade process that can be performed during the day. Tintri have taken this philosophy a step further and made it easier to do this at scale. I’m all for vendors introducing technology that means I don’t have to perform repetitive tasks, particularly when it comes to mundane operational activities like storage operating environment upgrades.