Sometimes hotels get it …

I spent a good part of the long weekend in Sydney doing a CX300 – CX3-20 upgrade. The process itself was reasonably seamless, although my heart skipped a beat when the utility partition wouldn’t boot. Apparently this happens frequently enough that EMC wrote a Service Note about it, along the lines of, “try it again a few times and it should work”. And it did, and I was able to continue with the conversion. You’ll be happy to know that no data was lost, and thus no service partners were harmed.

I stayed at a hotel nearby. I didn’t have high hopes as I’d stayed there before and it was comfortable, but not amazing. So when I walked into my room I was pleased to see this:

Hooray, a slightly nicer TV than I normally get when travelling. The cool thing about this setup, however, was the AV panel they’d installed in the wall:

You could plug in composite video, vga or hdmi. It even had a usb jack to use as a charger if you needed. I thought it was kind of neat. The fact that they had set 4:3 content to pan and scan meant that the Broncos game I watched on Friday night looked like they had a lot of thicker than usual players, but the DVDs I played off my laptop looked just fine at 1360 * 768.