VCP410 exam pass

I passed my VCP410 exam yesterday with a score of 450. I’m pleased to have finally gotten it out of the way as, even though I had signed up for the second-shot voucher with VMware, there seem to be no free slots in the 4 testing centres in Brisbane this month. After the epic fail of my previous employer to stay afloat, I also had to pony up the AU$275 myself, so I felt a little bit more pressure than I normally would when taking one of these exams.

I found the following resources of particular use:

Brian’s list of “Useful study material”;

Duncan’s VCP 4 post;

Simon Long’s blog and practice exams;

and the VCP4 Mock Examfrom VMware on the mylearn page.

I also recommend you read through as much reference material / admin guides that you can, and remember that what you’re taught in the course doesn’t always correlate with what you see in the exam. Good luck!