EMC – PowerPath/VE and rpowermt versions

Just a quick note to remind you all that, if you’ve upgraded the version of PowerPath/VE that you’re using to accommodate the upgrade to vSphere 5 (that is, you’ve moved from 5.4 SP2 to, you should have also upgraded the version of rpowermt you’re using. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the following error message when using the older version of rpowermt on newer hosts.

Note that the 5.7.x version of rpowermt works with earlier versions of PP/VE.

EMC – PowerPath/VE on vSphere 4.1

Sometimes, and for what seems like no good reason, we have hosts in our vSphere clusters that seem to not have such a happy time with PowerPath/VE. I can tell you the symptoms, but can’t tell you the cause.

It should look like this.

The workaround we’ve come up with is to put the host into Maintenance Mode, uninstall PP/VE, and reinstall.

Here’s the commands you’ll need to run via the vMA. (BTW we still have issues with passthrough AD authentication on the ESXi boxes when using vMA – but I don’t care anymore).

login as: domain\adminuser
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Welcome to vMA
run ‘vma-help’ or see http://www.vmware.com/go/vma for more details.

[domain\adminuser@vMAhost ~]$ vifptarget -s vCenterhost

[domain\adminuser@vMAhost ~][vCenterhost]$ vihostupdate –server esxi.domain.internal –query
Enter username: root
Enter password:
———Bulletin ID———         —–Installed—–                 —————-Summary—————–
hp-nmi-driver-1.1.02                2010-11-27T03:20:56     HP NMI Sourcing Driver for VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1
hpq-esxi4.1uX-bundle-1.0a  2010-11-27T04:06:02     HP ESXi Bundle 1.0a
EMC-PP5.     2010-11-27T04:39:12       PowerPath 5.4.SP2 for ESX
ESXi410-201011401-BG            2010-12-15T00:45:41      Updates Firmware
VEM410-201010411-BG           2011-02-15T02:42:29      Cisco Nexus 1000V VEM
VEM410-201010112-BG           2011-02-15T02:42:29      Cisco Nexus 1000V  4.0(4)SV1(3b)
VEM410-201101108-BG           2011-02-15T03:57:07     Cisco Nexus 1000V  4.2(1)SV1(4)

[domain\adminuser@vMAhost ~][vCenterhost]$ vihostupdate –server esxi.domain.internal –remove –bulletin EMC-PP5.
Enter username: root
Enter password:
Error encountered:
   Message     – The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.

[domain\adminuser@vMAhost ~][vCenterhost]$

EMC PowerPath 5.4 SPx, ESXi 4.1 and HP CIM offline bundle

If you find yourself having problems registering EMC PowerPath 5.4.1 (unsupported) or 5.4.2 (supported) on your HP blades running ESXi 4.1, consider uninstalling the HP offline bundle hpq-esxi4.luX-bundle-1.0. We did, and PowerPath was magically able to talk to the ELM server and retrieve served licenses. I have no idea why CIM-based tools would have this effect, but there you go. Apparently a fix is on the way from HP, but I haven’t verified that yet. I’ll update as soon as I know more.