Test Driving SwiftStack (For Charity)

I posted an article yesterday about test driving the SwiftStack platform. At the time I neglected to mention that their PR folk are running a competition that has two benefits. Firstly, it gets people like me blogging about them and gets people like you reading about them. Secondly, they are running a competition (using a points system and tracking URLs, etc). My post triggered a $50 donation to my chosen charity (in this case, World Vision). The more people who read my original post, comment, cross-post on LinkedIn, etc, the more points that get earned by me. Obviously, I’m not interested in people leaving crap comments on my article just to try and help me get more points. But if you find the article useful or want to know more I’m always happy for comments to go up.

Between July 11 and August 11 (let’s assume this is US time) the points get tallied, and the lead blogger gets an extra $1000 donated to their charity of choice, with a runner-up getting $250 to their charity. Finally, one of the readers commenting on a post will be selected at random to receive a prize of their choice, costing $500 or less.

I was initially reluctant to commit to this competition, as things are hectic with my day job and I only have so many available cycles. I also don’t really go in for competitions so much. But this one feels a little different and it didn’t take me that long to put together an article on getting started. So, go back and check out my original article. If you like it, comment on it. If you like it a lot, post it to LinkedIn or retweet it with the #SwiftStackTrial hashtag. Or do both if you’re feeling super enthusiastic. Sure, you’re doing some work for tech marketing people. But for once, it feels like all this nonsense might actually put some real money in places where it should actually be going.

Competition – TrainSignal’s practically giving it away

I’m a big fan of TrainSignal, and have been making good use of some of the courses they have on offer. And here’s your chance to get a taste of the action with this competition. It’s pretty simple, just use the form below to send out a tweet and you’ll be in the running to win one Ultimate IT Survival Kit from the nice people at TrainSignal. Included is:

  • A Laptop Backpack;
  • Zombie Tee;
  • Mini Nerf-Gun;
  • 30-days of free IT Training;
  • And more!

Here’s a few pictures of what’s included:




The competition runs for 2 weeks from Monday 15th July 2013. Everyone is welcome to enter except, sadly, residents of the Russian Federation (sorry).