Storage Field Day – I’ll Be At SFD10


Woohoo! I’ll be heading to the US in just over a fortnight for another Storage Field Day event. If you haven’t heard of the very excellent Tech Field Day events, you should check them out. I’m looking forward to time travel and spending time with some really smart people for a few days. It’s also worth checking back on the SFD10 website during the event as there’ll be video streaming and updated links to additional content. You can also see the list of delegates and event-related articles that they’ve published.

I think it’s a great line-up of companies this time around, with some I’m familiar with and some not so much.


I’d also like to publicly thank in advance the nice folk from Tech Field Day (Stephen, Claire and Tom) who’ve seen fit to have me back, as well as my employer for giving me time to attend these events. Also big thanks to the companies presenting.



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