Storage Field Day 21 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Disclaimer: I recently attended Storage Field Day 21.  My flights, accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Tech Field Day. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.  Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don’t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

This is a quick post to say thanks once again to Stephen and Ben, and the presenters at Storage Field Day 21. I had a great time. For easy reference, here’s a list of the posts I did covering the events (they may not match the order of the presentations).

Storage Field Day 21 – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 21

Storage Field Day 21 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Back To The Future With Tintri

Hammerspace, Storageless Data, And One Tough Problem

Intel Optane – Challenges and Triumphs

NetApp Keystone – How Do you Want It?

Pliops – Can We Take Fast And Make It Faster?

Nasuni Puts Your Data Where You Need It

MinIO – Cloud, Edge, Everywhere …

Also, here’s a number of links to posts by my fellow delegates (in no particular order). They’re all very smart people, and you should check out their stuff, particularly if you haven’t before. I’ll attempt to keep this updated as more posts are published. But if it gets stale, the Storage Field Day 21 landing page will have updated links.


Jason Collier (@BocaNuts)


Barry Coombs (@VirtualisedReal)

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – Tintri

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – NetApp

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – Nasuni

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – MinIO Session

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – Pliops

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – Hammerspace

#SFD21 – Storage Field Day 21 – Intel


Becky Elliott (@BeckyLElliott)


Matthew Leib (@MBLeib)


Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi)

The rise of MinIO object storage

Data Science storage with NetApp’s Python Toolkit

Storageless data!?

115-GreyBeards talk database acceleration with Moshe Twitto, CTO&Co-founder, Pliops


Andrea Mauro (@Andrea_Mauro)


Max Mortillaro (@DarkkAvenger)

Nasuni – Cloud-Scale NAS Without Cloud Worries

Storage Field Day 21 – The TECHunplugged Take on Nasuni

Pliops: Re-Imagining Storage, Crushing Bottlenecks and a Bright Future in the Cloud


Keiran Shelden (@Keiran_Shelden)


Enrico Signoretti (@esignoretti)

Object Storage Is Heating Up

Storage Options for the Distributed Enterprise


Paul Stringfellow (@TechStringy)

Looking ahead with Storage Field Day 21 – Barry Coombs, Jason Collier, Max Mortillaro – Ep 149

Storageless data, really? – Doug Fallstrom – Ep156


Frederic Van Haren (@FredericVHaren)


On-Premise IT Podcast

Is Storageless Storage Just Someone Else’s Storage?


Now please enjoy this group photo.

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