Storage Field Day 21 – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 21

Here’s some news that will get you excited. I’ll be virtually heading to the US next week for another Storage Field Day event. If you haven’t heard of the very excellent Tech Field Day events, you should check them out. It’s also worth visiting the Storage Field Day 21 website during the event (January 20 – 22) as there’ll be video streaming and updated links to additional content. You can also see the list of delegates and event-related articles that have been published.

I think it’s a great line-up of both delegates and presenting companies this time around. I know most of them, but there may also still be a few companies added to the line-up. I’ll update this if and when they’re announced.

I’d like to publicly thank in advance the nice folks from Tech Field Day who’ve seen fit to have me back, as well as my employer for letting me take time off to attend these events. Also big thanks to the companies presenting. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Last time was a little weird doing this virtually, rather than in person, but I think it still worked. I’m really looking forward to this, even if it means doing the night shift for a few days. I’ll post details of the presentation times when I have them.

[Update – here’s the schedule]

Wednesday, Jan 20 9:30-11:00 MinIO Presents at Storage Field Day 21 Presenters: AB PeriasamyDaniel ValdivaEco Willson
Wednesday, Jan 20 12:00-15:30 Tintri Presents at Storage Field Day 21 Presenters: Erwin DariaRob GirardShawn MeyersTomer Hagay Nevel
Thursday, Jan 21 8:00-10:00 NetApp Presents at Storage Field Day 21 Presenters: Arun RamanDave KrenikJeffrey SteinMike McNamaraSunitha Rao
Thursday, Jan 21 11:00-13:00 Nasuni Presents at Storage Field Day 21 Presenters: Andres Rodriguez
Friday, Jan 22 8:00-9:30 Hammerspace Presents at Storage Field Day 21 Presenters: David FlynnDouglas Fallstrom
Friday, Jan 22 10:30-11:30 Pliops Presents at Storage Field Day 21  
Friday, Jan 22 12:30-14:30 Intel Presents at Storage Field Day 21