Rubrik Announces Cloud Data Management 3.2 – Gets Cloudier

As Cloudy As They Wanna Be

Cloud Cluster – What’s That?

Rubrik‘s Cloud Cluster provides the ability to truly run a Rubrik cluster in the cloud as well as providing ability to protect specific cloud workloads. You deploy it with 4 nodes (to enable erasure coding), and get the following capabilities:

  • Protection of SQL Server, Windows, and Linux via Rubrik connectors;
  • Replication to other clusters – these could be cloud clusters or something on-premises;
  • Replication from on-premises cluster to a cloud cluster; and
  • Archival to supported cloud archives – these could be AWS and/or Azure.


[Image via Rubrik]

The cool thing about this is you get a lot of what you’ve (already?) come to expect from Rubrik, including:

  • One Data Management platform to protect on-premises and cloud workloads
  • Policy-Based Data Management
  • Advanced reporting out of the box with Envision
  • Scale-out – add one node at a time to the cluster
  • Data Integrity via the same methods as with physical clusters (erasure coding, checksums, fingerprinting, and more). Check out the “Data Integrity with Rubrik” (Registration required) Technical White Paper for further details.


What Other Benefits Do I Get?

Rubrik suggest that with this approach you’ll experience the following good fortune:

  • Data mobility to avoid vendor lock-in;
  • Replication to different regions within AWS or Azure (this is handy);
  • Replicate to different cloud vendors or on-premises (everyone loves to think they’re not beholden to a single provider); and
  • Backups from the cloud (databases or filesets) can be restored on-premises or restored to another
    cloud vendor.


What Do I Need To Get Started?

Not a huge amount. Rubrik have provided the following minimum specifications in AWS and Azure to get started.

[Image via Rubrik]


What About NAS?

No, not that Nas. NAS backups. These have been supported since 3.0 but there are now specific UI components for setting up NAS backups and having the Rubrik cluster connect directly to NAS servers. There’s even a separate tab and everything. The good news is that both NFS and SMB are supported.


Further Reading and Thoughts

There have been a few other key (!) enhancements as well, with Rubrik introducing support for external key managers both for software encryption (r3xx Briks) and hardware encryption (r528 Briks). Ed Morgan did a nice write-up here that covers off the announcement pretty thoroughly. Whilst Ed is a Rubrik employee, he’s not known for talking crap, so you can trust what you read there. He also provided some decent coverage of the Pure Storage FlashBlade and Rubrik integration that you can find here.

I’ve written a few times about Rubrik product announcements now, and each time I’m impressed with the depth and breadth of new features that are being introduced in what are ostensibly minor releases. In my opinion this is testament to Rubrik’s responsiveness to customer feedback rather than serious deficiencies in their offering. It’s great to see them focus on cloud, because that’s been a bit of a black hole when it comes to comprehensive data protection solutions in the past. Their continued focus on ease of use and security enhancements is also refreshing. You can find their press release here.