Riverbed – Forcibly removing a snapshot from a Granite Core

We’ve been doing some testing with Riverbed’s Steelhead EX + Granite solution as part of a larger project. I won’t go into what Granite does right now, but if you’re interested, you can find more information on it here. Anyway, I’d done something stupid when testing some snapshot scripts and felt the urge to remove the snapshots from the CLARiiON and start again. The problem with this approach (rough and ready, just how I like it), is that it leaves the Granite Core thinking there’s a problem (which there is because the snapshot is gone) and filling up logs complaining about it. Unfortunately, if you try to remove the snapshot from the web console, it says that you can’t because it’s online. If you try to set it to offline, it tells you that you can’t do this with snapshots. So, time to use the CLI. Please keep in mind that I’m no Granite expert, and I’m playing with this in a testing environment. If you need to do this on a production system, get on the blower with Riverbed support and check that what you’re doing is the right thing to do in your situation.

Firstly, ssh to the Granite Core. You may need to enable the terminal if you haven’t logged in recently. This will give you access to a greater subset of commands. You then run the equivalent of conf t. From the configure terminal you can execute the required command. You can also remove a LUN based on it’s lun-serial if you prefer that.

login as: admin
Riverbed Granite Core
admin@granitecore's password:
Last login: Sun Mar 10 23:33:17 2013 from
granitecore > enable
granitecore # configure terminal
granitecore (config) # storage iscsi lun remove lun-alias alias-6006016061192500000828283881E211-snap-60060160CB7A2500BAF10A04D789E211 force
granitecore (config) # exit
granitecore #

Make sure you remove the correct snapshot. It can be a mighty awkward conversation if you delete the wrong LUN. You can confirm the successful removal of the snapshot in the Granite Core web interface.