OT – Thanks For Hanging In There (PenguinPunk.net Turns 10)

I did a bit of a silly post five years ago to say thanks to people for reading the blog. Now here I am coming up on ten years of blogging and I thought I’d do another note to say thanks again new and old readers. I don’t want this to be some sort of weird humblebrag post, but I nonetheless wanted to mark the occasion in some way.


In the beginning …

My first few posts were just filler, with my first real shot at doing something useful being a post dedicated to understanding esxcfg-* commands. You can stumble down memory lane with me here. In the last ten years I’ve done over 600 posts and 30+ instructional articles of varying quality and usefulness, with people apparently being super keen to read about how to recover CX700 arrays and QNAP software RAID of all things. I think I’ve had over half a million people visit the blog in that time. Probably not that many people. Maybe it was 10000 who just turned up here a lot.


And now …

What started as a mechanism for me to keep my notes from the field has grown into something with a life of its own. As my career has progressed from support through to infrastructure delivery and into consulting and architecture, the type of posts on this blog have changed as well. There obviously aren’t as many “this is how you do this” posts as there used to be. I hope, however, that the reporting and opinionalysis is as useful. As I “celebrate” this particular milestone I’m in Las Vegas attending VMworld on a blogger’s pass. I never thought it would get to this point when I first started, and I’m super thankful to the community for the support shown to me over the years. I don’t get paid to run this blog, although I am compensated from time to time via conference attendance and travel. So it’s nice to get something back in the form of people engaging. Every time you say hi on the twitters or via the blog it’s a very fulfilling experience for me. To celebrate, I’ll be giving away some digital prizes over the next few weeks, so if you’d like to go in the draw, just leave a comment or talk to me via twitter.


The future?

I don’t know. I didn’t think it would last as long as it did but here we are. If I keep doing interesting things then I’ll keep writing about them I guess. I don’t see that I’ll be getting into video or podcasts any time soon, as it often takes me a while to get my thoughts together, but you never know.



Thanks to everyone in the community for being a supportive and friendly bunch of folks. Finally, special thanks to Paul Cunningham for his encouragement and support over the years. Without him showing me the ropes and offering advice when I needed it this thing would have died years ago. And it wouldn’t be an OT post without a random Unfinished Business stock photo at the end, would it?

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