OT – New Site Sponsor – Vembu

Please welcome Vembu Technologies as a sponsor of PenguinPunk.net. They are a data protection company that has been around for some time now with a comprehensive suite of products aimed at small to medium enterprises. You can read more about them here. I’m looking forward to taking their stuff for a spin in the lab in the next little while to see what they can really do.

The idea that I’m accepting sponsorship money for this blog doesn’t site well with some folks. But I’ve been maintaining this site for over ten years now, and sponsorship is one way I can keep getting to the big tech conferences and events that are so critical (I think) to understanding what’s happening in the industry. It doesn’t mean you’ll now be bombarded with advertorials from the companies that sponsor me. Any paid for content carries a disclaimer up front so we’re all clear about who’s paying for it and what it is. But running a blog as a hobby still costs money, and I’ve been reaching in to my own pocket a lot for some of this stuff. And while I’m shilling for the site, my rates are reasonable and the delivery model is simple. Feel free to get in contact via email / Twitter / whatever if it’s something you might like to do.