On the Fence About Attending Dell EMC World?

Dell EMC World promises to be a ripper this year, and I’ll be attending, along with a bunch of other folks. A lot of those folks are people you might like to meet in real life and have a conversation with. If you register before the 14th of April with a specific code, you could do just that, and get to meet them with other key influencers in the Community space at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas in May. You’ll also get to accompany them to the keynotes and get exclusive seating. Couple that with having your influencer right in front of you to ask those questions you always wanted to ask in person. Sound like fun?

What’s involved then?

  • Go to the list here and select your influencer and their twitter handle.
  • Tweet at them saying that you’re registering to meet them there at #DellEMCWorld.
  • They will reply to you with a specific registration code which you use to register.
  • You then register with that code before the 14th of April, 2017. (We use this code to track registrations against the influencer you select)
  • If you and 19 others chose this influencer and register for Dell EMC World by April 14th, we’ll ensure said influencer gets registered and will be there to meet you in person.

So go ahead now, head to the list, tweet them, and get that registration code, get registered before April 14th. If the influencer you want to meet is already registered, they will let you know if they are and suggest other influencers who are not.

Some terms and conditions but nothing too complicated:

  • Only when fully registered will your code count towards your selected influencer.
  • A minimum of 20 completed registrations by April 14th, 2017, is required to ensure your selected influencer will attend. Each influencer who has twenty will be registered.
  • VIP keynote seating may be limited on particular days, but we will do our best to get you and the influencers in the best seats that are available.
  • You get to meet your influencer in person, but remember we want them back at a reasonable hour ;)

If you’re still on the fence about attending you should also have a look at these Top 5 Reasons to Attend. Of course, if you’re already registered and want to catch up by all means let me know as well :)