Oh hi Mozy where did you put my stuff?

I run MozyHome on my iMac and, judging by the status window reporting 32+GB left to upload this morning, I suspect someone or something at Mozy lost my stuff. I am underwhelmed, but so jaded with clouds that don’t produce rain that I’m not going to bother trying to work out what the problem is until this afternoon …

[Update – 14/11/2009]

Yet when I go to restore my data it still seems browseable.

Restore FilesMeh

[Update #2 – 17/11/2009]

Here’s the transcript from my chat with Mozy on-line … I will post some not so cool screenshots tomorrow. I give full points to Satish for hustle. Unfortunately, we came to a bit of an impasse, as I wasn’t able to get access to the client in question.

General Info

Chat start time  Nov 17, 2009 12:25:06 AM EST

Chat end time  Nov 17, 2009 12:54:14 AM EST

Duration (actual chatting time)  00:29:08

Operator  Satish

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with ‘Satish’

Satish: Welcome to Mozy Live Support. May I have your account email address please?

dan frith: dan@penguinpunk.net

Satish: Thanks Dan.

Satish: How may I help you?

dan frith: I have a question about my data. Last Saturday morning (in australia), my mozyhome client on my mac started reporting that i needed to upload 32GB of data. This is the total size of my data. So I’m wondering why I’ve had to start again? The space used on my account also says 10.3GB, which seems to indicate that it went missing.

Satish: I understand Dan.

Satish: Please give me one minute. Let me check the backup history on your account.

dan frith: Thanks Satish.

Satish: Thank you for your patience, Dan.

Satish: Out of 32 GB Mozy has backed up 10.3 GB as of now.

Satish: The rest will get backed up in the future backups.

Satish: 32 GB which is showing up is total size selected for the backup.

dan frith: Correct. But my problem is that last friday I had 32GB backed up. And on Saturday morning I didn’t. So I guess I’m asking what changed? I’m not upset, just mildly annoyed that I have to upload this data that hasn’t changed again, as I uploaded it some months ago when I first signed up. Do you understand what I mean?

Satish: I totally understand, Dan. When I checked the backup history all it shows is that it has been backing up. There are no indications that 32 GB was backed up. If you don’t mind may I know where did you see that, 32 GB was backed up?

dan frith: the status window of my mozyhome client has been reporting that for some months now

dan frith: and for the last few weeks the daily backups have been in the order of a few 100MB

Satish: mmm… Ok. Lets check in your web account for Saturday backups that should give us some idea here.

Satish: Please click on “Restore files” on your account home page.

Satish: And are you backing up an external hard drive?

dan frith: I’m using Time Machine on the iMac for local backups to an external drive, and Mozyhome to send a copy to the internet. I’m getting an error trying to restore from my web account. This is unfortunate, as I’m not in front of my home machine.

Satish: Ok, are Mozy backups happening for the external hard drive which has your time machine backups?

dan frith: No, just a selection of data in my home directory on the internal drive

Satish: Ok, and may I know the error you received when tried to restore?

dan frith: There was an error processing your restore request. Please try again later or contact support.

dan frith: I click on the link to Try to restore again and get the same error

Satish: sorry about that, Dan. The server is busy is in responding. We will after sometime. But what you saw in the client side that is 32 GB has been backed is true.

dan frith: Well, that’s cool :) – so why did that change?

Satish: As you already backed up all the files, Mozy will definitely not upload all the files again.

Satish: Just make sure that you have all the files selected for the backup.

Satish: I am really not sure. I was trying to find it out.

Satish: Did you changed the configuration recently..?

dan frith: No

Satish: mmmm…

dan frith: I was confused as well :)

Satish: Ok, in the client configuration does it shows that all 32 Gb is selected for the backup?

dan frith: Yes, I haven’t changed the file selection.

Satish: mmm.. ok lets check the history in the client.

Satish: Please click on Mozy icon and select “history”

dan frith: I’d like to, but I’m not in front of the machine right now. It’s okay satish, I’ll check out the history when I get home later this evening and if I can’t work it out I guess I can request a chat at a later date? You’ve been very helpful.

Satish: I mean “Backup History”.

Satish: Oh..

Satish: Ok, Dan. I will follow up with an email then.

dan frith: I know, I was hoping you could see something obvious from your end

dan frith: That would great Satish

Satish: I am sorry, I could not see. It just shows that it has been backing up all the time.

dan frith: No, that’s okay. I’ll check the hostory via the client tonight, and try and get some more details about what it thinks has been happening

dan frith: Thanks again for your help

Satish: Ok, and please let respond to the email if you find anything.

Satish: Thank you, Dan.

Satish: Good day to you!

dan frith: Ok, will do.

dan frith: Good day to you too :)

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to dan@penguinpunk.net at the end of your chat.


  1. Sometimes Mozy gets a little confused & thinks it needs to re-upload data, but most of the time, it won’t re-upload it. However, if you continue having trouble with Mozy on your Mac, check out Backblaze.

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