Mozy don’t tempt me!

Although I’ve often found that putting the boot into hapless tech support staff rarely gets to the root of the problem …


Mozy Survey


  1. I think online backup offers like Mozy is worth it.

    You can use the following link to get 10% more space on the free Mozy Home 2 Gb account:
    [Deleted affilliate link – if I don’t make money from these guys, neither will you]
    That would be enough to most people to backup their most important documents (not photos/music/videos) on a distant server with regular backup schedules, instead of using an external hard drive and sometimes forget to do the backup.

  2. hehe an affiliate link… it’s a pity dan have no news… how many ppl are on this case ?

  3. we all just gave up on it … and it’s back to normal. The resolution was merely to re-upload the 22GB that went missing. Simple really.

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