Mozy avoids further tirades – uses personal touch …

So my hat goes off to the Mozy support and marketing people – they are extremely good at turning a PR debacle into a positive customer experience. After my little rant about credit card issues and surly response to the patient frontline support person (Steve), I was contacted by Mozy’s UK Support people via Twitter asking for my number so we could talk it over. In the meantime, the L1 support technician had gotten back to me via a case update to say that it was a Mozy issue and they were looking into it further.

Then at 11pm last night a nice support manager from Mozy UK (Ireland) named Damien rang me to discuss the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused. He’d manually sorted out my account and I was all good to go. The short of it was that one server wasn’t talking to another and that’s why the system was doing rude things with my account.

I think the point here is that I wasn’t frustrated with the Mozy product’s performance this time round, but with the system-generated e-mails that seemed to ignore my responses. I give extra credit to Mozy for the quick response, multiple methods of communication, and the icing on the cake was a phone call and follow up e-mail. It’s not often that we get to air our frustrations and have someone respond personally to say that they’re on it and they’re sorting it out.