Mike Patton Appreciation Day

Today is Mike Patton Appreciation Day. You won’t find that on any calender, I just made it up. But I think Mike is important and prolific and to celebrate I made a mix-tape on CD of some of my favourite tracks that he has contributed to. You’ll notice there’s quite a bit missing, including some of the excellent work he did with Tomahawk, but there’s only so much you can fit on a CD. Read some more about Mike here. And let people know if you like Mike.

We’re Not Alone – Peeping Tom

Paths of Glory – Faith No More

Caffeine – Faith No More

The Morning After – Faith No More

Ugly in the Morning – Faith No More

Stripsearch – Faith No More

Quote Unquote – Mr Bungle

Celebrity Deathmatch

Be Aggressive – Faith No More

Light Up and Let Go – Faith No More

The Girls of Porn – Mr Bungle

Ricochet – Faith No More

What a Day – Faith No More

Mojo – Peeping Tom

The Real Thing – Faith No More


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