Maybe someone is reading the blog …

Or, more likely, someone came to the same conclusion as I did. I pointed out a little while ago in this post that EMC had introduced a new severity level: blah. Seems like that little “issue” has been rectified.

I’d say critical is probably more apt in this case …


  1. Well, I am reading your blog, thanks for all the Clariion tips, tricks and info. I would really appreciate more hands-on / in-depth regarding restoration of FLARE on arrays where the first five disks have been removed :)

  2. I’m getting my hands on some CX3-20s in the near future, but current project timeframes being what they are, I don’t know whether I’ll have time to really do anything with them for a while. And the only thing I can think of is using a bunch of hot spares to get the FLARE disks you need from another array, and even then I’m not sure (at the moment) what else would be required to get it working again.

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