Latest FLARE 26, CX700s, NST and processor utilisation

Has anyone else tried loading the latest FLARE 26 on a CX700? I loaded CX700-Bundle-02.26.700.5.031.pbu on two CX700s in our lab today and got this error both times.

I’m using NST NaviServiceTaskbar-Win-32-x86-loc- on both Windows 7 and Windows 2003 hosts. I tried the steps in emc211113 (the snappily titled “What are my options if my NDU rules check fails the CPU Utilization check?”), but didn’t have any luck. Well, I did, in the sense that I enabled Engineering Mode in the NST (CTRL-SHIFT-F12, insert password), but I get the feeling it wasn’t meant to go that way. Everything seems fine on the arrays now, and no hosts lost access. But I don’t recall ever having to bypass this check. I’m assuming that it has a lot to do with the age of the arrays, and I’ll be honest I haven’t done a lot of log checking to verify what’s been going on. We’re holding out on upgrading our CX4-960s until FLARE 30 is released, so we’ll see what happens then …


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs as we share a similar passion.

    Just curious if you had the opportunity to test out VAAI support?


  2. Dave, thanks for reading. VAAI is a FLARE 30 thing – and we only have CX700s in the lab, so at this stage we’ll be testing it on our production CX4-960s. Unfortunately, even though 30 was out last week, that will be a few months away at least. If something comes up sooner – I’ll put it up here. Cheers

  3. So today I was doing some testing on my ESXi lab. I have a CX300 at home here and without the SPS the transfer rates are slow. I moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment recently. So, I left most of my lab stuff in storage. Long story short I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get the CX300 to enable write cache. I even built a cable and used the SPS simulator that someone built years ago. Still no go. That is until now! I figured out how to put the SP’s in SPS debug mode to allow the CX300 to enable cache. The trick is to use the fcli and enter the command setcache enable -nosps 1

    You can do many other things like allow for a vault drive to fail or power supply to fail and not have it affect the cache if you wanted too. Just thought I would throw this out there.



  4. I’m in somewhat of a bad situation here with an EMC CX700 and I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction. I have one SP in the enclosure that constantly reboots or just halts on a particular point during the extended bootup. It varies. I think it has something to do with the FLARE code on the drives responsible for SPB.

    First, I’ll ask the very loaded question…Is there any way to get a vault pack from someone other than EMC? I’ve tried calling them and they won’t even speak with me about the unit initially. Several people later, someone finally told me I had to shell out $3,000 to “recertify the array” and pay whatever the support and maintenance contract fees would be on top of it before they’d even begin to consider a vault pack or giving me the FLARE code.

    If it’s not possible to get the vault pack from anyone else, is it possible to dump the currently installed vault pack from the working set of FLARE discs and copy it over?

    I can be reached at if anyone has any pointers or advice. I could really use it as I don’t want to sign away almost 7TB of storage on account of a software problem.

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