In case you were bored with me bitching about MozyHome …

I’m going to keep bitching about MozyHome. Here’re some screenshots of my recent backup history. So why is it that my MozyHome account tells me I only have 10.3GB space used on the server? Getting cranky now iJustine.


MozyHome Backup History

MozyHome Backup History 2MozyHome Backup History 3MozyHome Backup History 4

Am I over-thinking things here? Or is this really a problem? Or better yet, how much of a problem would this have been if I actually need to restore stuff? I know you get what you pay for, but I still paid something.


  1. I dunno, email their support?

    Also whats with all the red on your backup history, its like some kind of Backup Exec thing.

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