OT: Henry Rollins Appreciation Day

Sorry for the break in posts. A lot has been happening but not a lot that would mean much to my loyal readership of 3. I’d like to post some more information about what I’ve been doing with Backup Exec at a client site recently but I still need to get a few more facts from various people before I launch into that particular tirade. Instead, I’ve been meaning to post some stuff on Henry Rollins for a while now, but have forgotten every time I’ve had a moment to do it. So today is Henry Rollins Appreciation Day. You won’t find that on any calender, I just made it up. I first came across Henry when I saw the clip for “Low Self Opinion” when I was in high school – and I was hooked. I think Henry is important and prolific and to celebrate I made a mix-tape on CD of some of my favourite tracks that he has contributed to. There’s only a bit there, and he’s done a lot of stuff, including books, CDs, spoken-word tours, acting, radio and a TV show. Read some more about Henry here. I’m currently reading “Smile, You’re Travelling”, which chronicles his travels during 1997 – 1998. You should check out Rollins Archive for a complete archive of the radio work he’s been doing. And here’s my favourite clip from his Rollins Band days:

And without further ado, here’s my Henry Rollins mix-tape:

Neon – Rollins Band
Right Here, Too Much – Rollins Band
Do It – Rollins Band
Just Like You – Rollins Band
Rise Above – Black Flag
The End of Something – Rollins Band
Hard – Rollins Band
Burned Beyond Recognition – Rollins Band
Modern Man – Black Flag
Black Coffee – Black Flag
Slip It In – Black Flag
I Can’t Get Behind That – (with William Shatner)
Civilized – Rollins Band
Shine – Rollins Band
Turned Out – Rollins Band

I thoroughly recommend checking out his spoken word DVDs and try and get a ticket to the “ageing alternative icon” show if he’s ever in your part of the world. And he will be.