ESXi 4.1 network weirdness – Part 2

In my previous post I discussed some strange behaviour we’d observed in our PoC lab with ESXi 4.1 and the workarounds I’d used to resolve the immediate issues we had with connectivity. We spoke to our local VMware SE and his opinion was pictures or it didn’t happen (my words, not his). In his defence, we had no logs or evidence that the problem happened. Fortunately, we had the problem occur again while doing some testing with OTV.

We took a video of what happened – I’ll post that in the next week when I’ve had time to edit it to a reasonable size. In the meantime my colleague posted on the forums and also raised an SR with VMware. You can find the initial posts we looked at here and here. You can find the post my colleague put up here.

The response from VMware was the best though …

Thank you for your Support Request.

As we discussed in the call, this is a known issue with the product ESXi 4.1, ie DCUI shows the IP of vmk0 as Management IP, though vmk0 is not configure for Management traffic.

Vmware product engineering team identified the root cause and fixed the issue in the upcoming major release for ESXi. As of now we don’t have ETA on release for this product.

The details on product releases are available in

Based on our last communication, it appears that this case is ready to be closed. I will proceed with closing your Support Request today.


I’ll put the video up shortly to demonstrate the symptoms, and hopefully will have the opportunity to follow this up with our TAM this week some time :)