EMC – Unisphere Host Agent IP configuration

As I mentioned previously, it’s been a little while since I’ve done things with the Unisphere Host Agent on a Windows physical. However, whether the platform is Linux, Windows, Solaris or Other, you’ll occasionally have cause to direct the Unisphere Host Agent to use a particular IP address when communicating with the CLARiiON, usually because there are multiple NICs configured. If this is the case, check out emc62479 – Ensuring Navisphere Agent binds to correct NIC in multi-homed server with multiple NICs on Powerlink. The upshot is you’ll need to change the NIC binding order in Windows, and create a text file for Unipshere to reference with the correct IP address and hostname. You’ll need to create a file called agentID.txt in the Unisphere Host Agent installation directory. The name of the file is case-sensitive, so, you know, try and get that right. On the first line of the file, put in the FQDN of the host. On the second line put the IP address you want it to use with the Unisphere Agent. Once you’ve done this, restart Navisphere / Unisphere Host Agent on the host in question and, eventually, you’ll notice that the host has the correct IP address in Unisphere. It’s a bit of a PITA, but preferable to not being able to correctly query the host from Unisphere.