EMC – Unisphere / Analyzer weirdness

Mat came across a weird problem with Unisphere the other day while he was trying to retrieve some nar files for EMC to look at. Normally I like to post solutions up here but in this case I don’t know what the solution is. Previously, it was my understanding that we could retrieve access multiple nar files from multiple arrays in the same domain via the one Unisphere session. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. As background, we run 4 CX4-960s and a CX4-240 in a single Unisphere domain. These arrays were all upgraded to 30.525 recently.

Normally, I’d login to one of the arrays and go to Monitoring -> Analyzer and then Retrieve Archive. So far, so good.


But when I change the “Retrieve Archive From:” selection, I get the following.


Notice that I’m trying to retrieve files from the array serial number 0260, but I’m still seeing 0679, even after hitting Refresh. Maybe it’s Unisphere on that array, let’s try another.


Ok, I’ve logged on to array 0260 and can now retrieve the files I want. But do I still get weird behaviour? Yes, yes I do.


If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears. I think Mat is going to log a call at some stage.



  1. Hi Dan,

    I’ve got the same behavior in a domain with two VNXes and a CX3-80. After an upgrade from R31 to R32.206 it was resolved (at least I can retrieve the archives again), but I of course don’t know whether it was the reboot or the upgrade.
    There are still some strange things happening in Unisphere on those systems… out of curiosity, do you have duplicate SP names in your domain (A-IMAGE, B-IMAGE)?

  2. Ok, that’s good to know. I thought it was odd that it showed up after all of the arrays were upgraded. Of course, it may have been like that for a while and we just hadn’t noticed. Don’t have any duplicate names, haven’t had the A-IMAGE, B-IMAGE problem since R29 (I think).

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