EMC – PowerPath/VE and rpowermt versions

Just a quick note to remind you all that, if you’ve upgraded the version of PowerPath/VE that you’re using to accommodate the upgrade to vSphere 5 (that is, you’ve moved from 5.4 SP2 to, you should have also upgraded the version of rpowermt you’re using. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the following error message when using the older version of rpowermt on newer hosts.

Note that the 5.7.x version of rpowermt works with earlier versions of PP/VE.

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  1. I found out this after I upgraded my ESXi host to 5.0 using update manager, and it will wiped out PPVE then you will have to install PPVE and re-license it again, then when you are trying to use rpowerm to license the host. That’s how I know is in-compatible then had upgrade to PPVE rpowermt tool to 5.7.

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