EMC – Flash LEDs with naviseccli

Sometimes, like when you have 64 DAEs across 5 racks, it’s useful to be able to tell which DAE you need to be working on. You can flash the LEDs of a DAE via Unisphere, but where’s the fun in that? Using naviseccli you can also do it as follows:

usage: flashleds -e <enclosure number> [-b <bus number>] <on|off>
C:\Users\dan>naviseccli -h flashleds -b 4 -e 1 on Enclosure 1 ON
C:\Users\dan>naviseccli -h flashleds -b 4 -e 1 off Enclosure 1 OFF

It’s a simple thing, but handy to know when you’re scratching around in the data centre trying to remember which disks you were meant to be pulling out of which production array.