EMC – DIY Heatmaps – Updated Version

Mat has updated the DIY Heatmaps for EMC CLARiiON and VNX arrays to version 3.021. You can get it from the Utilities page here. Any and all feedback welcome. Changes below:

Add command line options:


–min_color –mid_color –max_color

To allow the user to select different color schemes for their heatmap graphs. The available colors to choose from are (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, purple, orange, black, white)



Change the granularity of the heatmap steps, for example on an attribute like % Utilization, if steps is set to 20, there will be different color bands for 0-4%, 5-9%, 10-14%,etc the default is 10 so color bands will be at 0-9%,10-19%,20-29%, etc



This option will allow you to display detail heat graph for an object over time when it has been selected. For example, selecting the SP-B heatmap object below, produces a heat graph for that object over the duration of the NAR file.  Thanks to Ian  for the idea and code behind this.

There have been some other script improvements that:

Add exit code checking after running naviseccli

Browser compatibility fixes – mainly with Chrome, but this should improve display consistency across different browser platforms


  1. Love the detail data feature. It’s just too bad that American spelling is used in the max/min ‘color’ options, that caught me out!

  2. Hey Mitch,

    Glad that you like it … sorry about the spelling … I’ll change the options so that it accepts both spellings … I really should know better though …

    the other gotcha is that the colours are case sensitive … something I need to fix …

    thanks for the feedback


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