EMC – DIY Heatmaps – Updated Version

Mat has updated the DIY Heatmaps for EMC CLARiiON and VNX arrays to version 3.020. You can get it from the Utilities page here. Any and all feedback welcome.


  1. Hi!
    Very nice script!
    I recently used with differents options, but, today ias not able to make it work. I’m gaving differents errors but my skills at perl are very void. I’m attaching the error that i’m having. I really appreciate your help!

    E:\Instaladores\Perl\strawberry-perl->perl\bin\perl.exe heatmap.3.020.pl –nar_file CKM0009
    0400493_SPA_2012-07-06_15-07-06-GMT_M04-30.nar –attrib d_utilization –naviseccli “E:\Program Files
    \EMC\Navisphere CLI\NaviSECCli.exe” –out DiskUtilization.html
    Adding file: CKM00090400493_SPA_2012-07-06_15-07-06-GMT_M04-30.nar
    Processing NAR File:CKM00090400493_SPA_2012-07-06_15-07-06-GMT_M04-30.nar
    Not a valid archive file.

    Processing CSV file – tmp_analyzer_heatmap_d.csv
    Processing Disk Attribute Disk Utilization (%)
    DBD::SQLite::db selectall_arrayref failed: no such table: temp_data_d at heatmap.3.020.pl line 1824.

    Illegal division by zero at heatmap.3.020.pl line 1906.


  2. Hi Miguel,

    looks like the NAR file has been corrupted, the error “Not a valid archive file” is being returned by naviseccli. I’d suggest trying to run the script against another NAR archive.

    I have added some return code checking to the new version of the script, which should be ready in the next few days


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