EMC – DIY Heatmaps – Updated Version

Mat has updated the DIY Heatmaps for EMC CLARiiON and VNX arrays to version 3.019. You can get it from the Utilities page here. Any and all feedback welcome.

Latest fixes:

· Search Path environment variable for naviseccli

· Search common install locations for naviseccli

· Improve cross browser support – tested on IE, Chrome and FireFox

· Improve debug details – add module version reporting

· Fix divide by zero bug in rendering routine


  1. Hi,

    When I run this command I get the following error. I have all the latest required modules.

    C:\heatmap.3.019>perl heatmap.3.019.pl –retrieve_nar –nar_location ./nars –ar
    ray_ip 10.0.x.x –attrib l_utilization
    Retrieving NAR file APM00000000000_SPA_2012-05-11_14-44-01-GMT_M06-00.nar Dated
    05/11/2012 09:44:57 saving file to ./nars/
    Downloaded NAR file successfully
    Adding file: ./nars/APM00000000000_SPA_2012-05-11_14-44-01-GMT_M06-00.nar
    Processing NAR File:./nars/APM00000000000_SPA_2012-05-11_14-44-01-GMT_M06-00.nar

    Processing CSV file – tmp_analyzer_heatmap_l.csv
    Error parsing time at C:/strawberry/perl/lib/Time/Piece.pm line 469, line

  2. perl heatmap.3.019.pl
    Type of arg 1 to keys must be hash (not array dereference) at heatmap.3.019.pl line 2715, near “@pool_name) ”
    Execution of heatmap.3.019.pl aborted due to compilation errors.

    Config Check:

    perl -cw heatmap.3.019.pl
    Unquoted string “help” may clash with future reserved word at heatmap.3.019.pl line 1409.
    \1 better written as $1 at heatmap.3.019.pl line 1497.
    \2 better written as $2 at heatmap.3.019.pl line 1497.
    Type of arg 1 to keys must be hash (not array dereference) at heatmap.3.019.pl line 2715, near “@pool_name) ”
    heatmap.3.019.pl had compilation errors.

  3. You must replace the line 2715 by:
    foreach (keys %pool_name) { or @pool_name by %pool_name

    Working fine on my Linux Centos 6.2.
    Best regards,
    Pierre-Jacques MIMIFIR

  4. Get divide by zero when using attribute d_w_iops.
    From run with debug 5:
    Fri Jun 1 11:38:07 2012 Processing Disk Attribute Disk Write Throughput (IO/s)
    Illegal division by zero at C:\temp\heatmap.3.019\heatmap.3.019.pl line 1773, line 59676.

    It should be said that I use activestate perl v5.14.2 on a windows 2008 32 bit machine

    Anybody have suggestion to a solution ?

  5. Hi Chad, Bob, Pierre and Michael

    I’ll have a look at suggestions / problems in the next few days, I’ll hopefully have something for you shortly

    thanks for the feedback


  6. Hi Michael,

    can you please send some more details, are you able to post the command line and parameters that you are using, and all the output from the script?

    I’ve found a problems with the code and this attribute, but it would only come into play if a configuration file was being used – line 3174 & 3715 currently read


    and should read




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