EMC – DIY Heatmaps – Updated Version

Mat has updated the DIY Heatmaps for EMC CLARiiON and VNX arrays to version 3.015. You can get it from the Utilities page here. Any and all feedback welcome.


  1. I’m trying to run it like this:

    G:\Aplic\perl>perl heatmap.3.015.pl –nar_file G:\Aplic\perl\dec.nar –attrib s_service

    Both the script and the .nar are in the same perl directory. I installed logparser, but I keep getting the following message:

    “there are no NAR files to retrieve”

    What am I doing wrong? Any help?

  2. Hi, I have just sent Dan an updated script, it should fix the bug that you were seeing – hopefully he’ll make it available shortly, the version will be 3.015.1

    thanks for sending feedback


  3. Perfect! It loaded the .nar without issues this time, I’ll be testing and let you know if I have more feedback.

    Thanks, great work!

  4. Hi,

    When I try to get any LUN attributes I receive this:

    C:\heatmap.3.011>perl heatmap.3.015.1.pl –naviseccli “c:\Program Files (x86)\EM
    C\Navisphere CLI\NaviSECCli.exe” –nar_file nars\1.nar –attrib l_utilization
    Adding file: nars\1.nar
    Processing NAR File:nars\1.nar
    Processing CSV file – tmp_analyzer_heatmap_l.csv
    Error parsing time at C:/strawberry/perl/lib/Time/Piece.pm line 469, line

    Any ideas?

  5. Hey Chad,

    Its difficult to diagnose the cause of the problem from what you have sent me, I have seen this a couple of times, but have not been able to obtain more information, would you be able to send me a copy of the NAR file and possibly the CSV file that its having problems with (tmp_analyzer_heatmap_l.csv) this should be in the same directory as the perl script.

    if you could e-mail them to me that would be great matharvest@gmail.com

    Would you also be able to tell me the local date format of the server/PC that the script is being run on, is it dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy

    and also the version of naviseccli that you are using



  6. Hey Chad,

    it possible that I have found the cause of the problem, I haven’t seen the exact error that you were experiencing above, but its possible that an older version of the Time::Piece module is causing the issue …. version 1.15_05 certainly seems to behave differently from newer versions

    The following modules and their versions are known to work correctly with the script

    Text::CSV : 1.21
    Getopt::Long : 2.38
    Time::Piece : 1.20
    Time::Local : 1.1901_01
    DBI : 1.616
    DBD::SQLite : 1.33
    File::Which : 1.09

    I would suggest that you look at the versions of the module that you have installed, and if necessary update them.

    hope that this helps



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